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Chenwardstein & Puppy has a sister comic, Santiago in San Diego.
Their corresponding art blogs - jose_santiago  and  chenwardstein 

I want to get back to posting more here too.
For now, give me time to finish some things.
Pages 11 to 15 line art quick previewCollapse )
Some pics from my game in the Sims 2......featuring Chenwardstein & Puppy!!!

Go ahead!!Collapse )

Some more doodles soon! (I also want to finally finish the next 5 pages sometime soon!!!)
Here's a bit:

AWWW Oskar wants to keep him!
....but Puppy isn't a piece of property, Oskar! D:

A bunch of characters. (Wendel, Carol, Puppy, Damien, Martin, Oskar, and Bill)
Hahaha Wendel remembers the great Carol the Diva as "Carl" back when he knew him in his school years XDD
Wendel's just jealous he's not as successful. hahahah

My Sims 2 Chenwardstein pics will come later.
Just felt like doodling with markers+colorpencils again...
This was the result:

Those two and Bill+Oskar are so my OTPs~! :9

The comic draft is 30 pages so far.
Now I want to continue working on the final versions of the next pages.
May take longer than I thought, but it'll be worth it, I hope!

Martin and an unnamed random date go out to eat and Oskar came along...
This is the result...

Martin: "Oopsie! Sorry, Oskar!"
Oskar: <<;
(That scene will not be in the comic, it was just some doodle idea)

And here's Kaepap wrestling with Bill's face. XD
...because Kaepap likes being annoying. Especially to Chenwardstein & Puppy, including Susan. X3
Don't Feed the Dog ~ Chenwardstein & Puppy

Chorus 1:
Don't feed the dog
(don't don't don't don't)
Don't feed the dog
(don't don't don't don't)

Chorus 2:
The dog will come back for more.
Because the dog will want some more.
The dog will come back for more.

My hunger lingers
as she saw my groove.
My eyes caught hers and
she licked her fingers.

(chorus 1)

Then comin' stronger
she's groovin for taste.
She's such a teaser,
hunger grew longer.

(chorus 2)

I had desire
and she wanted to.
She's one more hungry,
burin' my fire.

(chorus 1)

When no more ablaze,
I then realized-
Feeding the dog was
entering a maze.

(chorus 2)

(chorus 1)

Don't feed the dog!

(Title inspired from myworldmygun)
Got any comments? Questions? Ideas? Concerns? ...That you'd like to share?
Comment in this entry and we'll talk about it!
(Don't worry about spoilers, they will be hidden text incase you don't want spoilers.)

Heheheheh~ Puppy as a human wtf. XD

And here's a relationship chart! No real spoilers in it, just how everyone relates to one another.

I'm currently working on a magazine cover and album cover parody for Chenwardstein. I'm also working on the line art of the next five pages of the comic. Hopefully I'll have the time to finish them ASAP~! (BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED AND WANT TO GET TO THE PART WHEN WE SEE BLUMMY ALREADY! That funny old coot~ hehehehehhe~! XD)
Some photoshop doodles~

Bill's buddy, DAMIEN~!!! (Who I kinda based off the late and great Carl Anderson a bit)
Damien, like Bill, is a groovy dancer and vocalist.

Bill+Susan~! (OMFG! Kaen drew het! It's the end of the world!!! XDDD)
I really like drawing these two together.

LOL, Chenwardstein as dogs. (Oskar the long-haired dachshund, Wendel the doberman pinscher, and Bill the wire-haired fox terrier~!) I also did a piccie of Puppy as a human, but I'll save that for next time. ;)