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Got any comments? Questions? Ideas? Concerns? ...That you'd like to share?
Comment in this entry and we'll talk about it!
(Don't worry about spoilers, they will be hidden text incase you don't want spoilers.)
Is there gonna be any Oskar/Wendel action anytime soon? :D
-very slight plot spolier-

Generally through out the comic, Wendel hints his crush on him but Oskar always takes it the wrong way.
I will say this though, there is one scene in particular when Wendel tries to tell Oskar how he feels...and gets VERY close...but ofcourse Wendel's very clumsy when it comes to being romantic. ;)

We'll actually see more of a 'love' relationship between Wendel and Carl.

-end spoiler-
I wonder what Susan thinks of Oskar and Bill's more-than-just-friends relationship, or if she even knows about it.

Also,is Puppy gay? He looks like he's about to hit a gay club in his human form.
Not really plot spoilers so,

Susan is almost unaware of Oskar and Bill's close relationship, but if she found out about it, it would upset her. She'd get the wrong idea and Oskar would feel very guilty.
She at least knows they're best friends.

Hahahah and no, Puppy isn't gay. Or at least the comic won't really suggest anything about Puppy's sexuality (I'll leave it open-ended) ;). I just imagine that Puppy would dress bright'n'tight as a human to represent his very bold personality. (He does look like he needs to see the gay scene though XD)
Is Carl based on anyone?
Ah, I was wondering if anyone was going to ask that!

It's quite a story really.
Physically, Carl is based off John Edwards and from an old original character brought back that was in a Role-Play story between kuroirinkku and I ("Southern Belle and the Georgia Peach")
...whom Kuroi's mostly drawn before:

Its kind of hilarious now because we used to pair Edwards with Cheney back in '04. (even 70s!Cheney and 70s!Edwards) and now that is sort-of-kinda "brought back" in Chenwardstein. XD

As far as the Carol the Diva goes....'she' is mostly my parody of Cher. :3
Carl/Carol is also supposed to have a STRONG southern accent.

Wendel also used to live down south and knew Carl before he became Carol. ;)
I figured there was a story. Heh.
Who is this Kaepap that I hear and see everywhere (including your user info page)? Kaepaps cute!
Originally, Kaepap is actually my alter-ego. She is sort of a representation of myself, but not quite true, more like an exaggerated caricature, then drawn as a papillon.
I decided to put her in the comic as a minor character to parody my behavior. :D
Ohhhh I see!