Some pics from my game in the Sims 2......featuring Chenwardstein & Puppy!!!

And now...


Puppy's like "WTFOSKAR???"

Wendel is always popular with the canine sort.

Someones fancies Oskar. hehehe!


Wendel's getting pissy.

Wendel and Oskar disagree.

Puppy protects his terratory.


Bill's enjoying the show. hahahha.

WTF. They're obsessing the mail man???

Wendel: "Don't touch me!" ((*in his mind* 'Siiiigh...this'll never work'))

Bill bathes Puppy. :)

Wendel trying his numbers on some random blonde. Wendel's terribly clumsy though.

Hey! It's Martin! He's come over to play cards!! :D

Some more doodles soon! (I also want to finally finish the next 5 pages sometime soon!!!)