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It's decided. Thanks for voting, everyone!
I'm keeping the plot of Chenwardstein a secret until the end!

(And I’m kinda relieved....I personally wanted it to be a surprise anyway...but I was just curious.)

Believe me, the story will be far more interesting if the plot remained a surprise. ;)
Especially considering WHAT happens to the Chenwardstein band members in the end. *nudgenudge*
That's all I'm sayin' ;) *zips mouth*

To hold you guys over, here's Chenwardstein - Sims 2 style! :D

Left to right: Wendel, Oskar, and Bill

BILL~!!! ♥


More coming soon.
I finished a plot outline for the comic a while back and it looks like it's going to be about 8 chapters long (including an epilogue) and each chapter being about 10 or so pages long.

My question to ya'll is...

Poll #942449 Chenwardstein Plot Outline

Should I release the plot information on this journal???

Nuuuu! I want it to be a surprise as you release the comic pages!!
GRAAAA! The curiosity is killing me! DO ITTT!!!
Oskar and his brother Martin.

Martin's cruisin for his next victim. Mwahah.
Because my handwritting is ATROCIOUS, I'll translate.

Martin: "Listen Oskar. I'm about to check that one out."
Oskar: "Him, Marty? Oh, Jesus."


And Oskar's soooo trippin'...words cannot explain the colors. XDDDDD
I love coloring with such BRIGHT colors. (Color pencil!) Wheeee!
...You're such a wacko, Wendel. XD

Wendel only wished he had the guts to do such a thing with Oskar.
Poor, introvert Wendel.
(PS, I totally drew this pic while listening to The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You"~!!!! IT. SO. MATCHES. O___O)

Wendel dresses so.....bright...or plaid. Yet that's still rather conservative for the '70s...and also compared to the other band members. XDDD

Puppy's rather obsessed with Oskar for some reason. Later in the begining of the comic, we start to realize something is up with Oskar and Puppy. It's for drugs. Not sex, people. hahah XD

Which reminds me, Oskar changes in the late-middle of the story. When he sees the way his brother was living (Martin becomes VERY addicted to cocaine.) He decides to be more established and grow a moustache! O___O

Hippies, Drags, and Japanese papillons...OH MY! ;D

My Green Tambourine!!!

The Chenwardstein & Puppy avatar collection is complete!!! 
Wooo! :D

Party, everyone!!!!!

Name 12 characters before looking at the questions that follow. List your characters numbered 1 to 12. 
Once you've picked your 12 characters, look at the questions and answer accordingly. 
(No peeking until you've picked your characters!) Put your answers behind a cut.

1.)  Puppy
2.)  Susan
3.)  Blummy
4.)  Oskar
5.)  Carl
6.)  Martin
7.)  Wendel
8.)  Carol the Diva 
9.)  Frizbee
10.) Bill
11.) Damien
12.) Kaepap

Hit me!!!Collapse )

Some random facts about the characters in the comic and how they develop the story.
(Caution: Some slight spoilers!!!)

+ Bill is not really homosexual. Neither is Oskar. BUT Oskar and Bill do enjoy having sex with each other. 
They still wish to find girlfriends, eventually. The TRUE homosexual in the story is Wendel. He’s even anti-feminist. 
(Then again Wendel hates everything that isn’t blonde, blue-eyed, German, or masculine)

+ Wendel isn’t even German at all. His parents were French Canadians. The other members don’t know that though. ;)

+ Wendel is the oldest member (32). Oskar comes second (29) and Bill is the youngest (27). We don’t know how old Puppy is...

+ Bill is a skilled singer and dancer. Bill also doesn’t play any instruments (not until Puppy becomes head singer, Bill then plays the keyboard). On the other hand, Oskar can play just about any instrument possible...he just can’t dance. Bill gives Oskar lessons sometimes. 
Wendel doesn’t like singing, he’d rather just play guitar. He does secretly wish he knew how to dance, however.

+ Oskar and Wendel have jam-session challenges and sometimes it gets out of hand. (Oskar claims to ace Wendel with just a tambourine!) 

+ Oskar uses Yiddish/and/or/Hebrew as a way to talk without Wendel understanding him.

+ Bill is a proud owner of a 1972 Pontiac Catalina. He doesn’t recall how many times he’s had sex in that thing. XD

+ Occasionally, Puppy acts like a normal dog to avoid publicity.

+ With the creation of Chenwardstein, Bill decided to have just a business relationship with Susan rather than a romantic one. 
Because of her secret rage against Bill, she wants to see Chenwardstein fall!

+ Wendel names his guitar ‘Geil-Hansel’.

+ Wendel is the only character who knows “Carol the Diva” as Carl. Generally, Carol is a drag queen diva who eventually rivals Chenwardstein.

+ Blummy is over 90 years old.

+ Bill and Susan used to go out together a lot in Chenwardstein’s old hometown, Philadelphia.

+ Yes, Susan is also Jewish, like Oskar.

+ Oskar’s drug of choice is marijuana.

+ Bill and Oskar were against the Vietnam War so much, they made up songs about it. This was before Chenwardstein was established. This was also before they met Wendel.

+ Oskar’s parents were Orthodox Jews.

+ Bill loves flashy outfits. His favorite is the starred-and-rainbow jumpsuit with the large flared bottoms.

+ Oskar always looked up to Martin. He was an idol for him.....until he finds out what Martin is really doing. Oo;

+ Wendel is the only member that doesn’t have an interest in drugs (including Puppy X3). 
He’s also VERY self-conscience about having sex....which usually ruins his chances to get laid throughout the story.

+ Bill’s late mother was a singer. She was his motivation.

+ Puppy’s favorite food is breaded-steak. And chicken livers.

+ Susan had a small crush on Wendel...until she found out he was gay AND a Nazi. D:

+ Puppy has a very soprano singing voice. Bill’s singing style was usually baritone. Oskar and Wendel don't sing as well.

+ Bill has a funky friend named Damien, a flashy black man who loves the disco as much as Bill does. 
This, however, causes a slight rivalry over the dance floor.

+ Kaepap (the papillon!Kaenhoushaki...another talking dog) makes a minor cameo appearance as Carol the Diva's agent/manager. 
Like myself, Kaepap is very secretive but extremely insane.

Basically the entire cast of (important) characters in the comic.
Martin is played by Roy Scheider and Susan is Barbra Streisand. Heehee~